Welcome to EightyFiveSouth.com


Welcome! Welcome! To the one and only, EightyFiveSouth.com.  EightyFiveSouth is your home for anything and everything related to sports in and around the fine city of Atlanta, GA and the state of Georgia itself!

Here at EightyFiveSouth, we will focus primarily on our most beloved teams, regardless of the emotional high’s and low’s we go through to support them.  The life of an Atlanta sports fan is a trying one for certain, but that won’t stop us from providing news, opinions and analysis, good or bad, on each of our squads, and doing all in our power to show that there are still tried and true fans in the A! Stay tuned for our contributor bio posts in the very near future as well!

In addition to our primary focus, we will also broaden our coverage to let our voices be heard on Conference specific, Regionally, and Nationally relevant topics where we see fit.  (Basically, whenever the Hell we feel like it!)  We will also soon be launching our own EightyFiveSouth store, where you will have the opportunity to purchase our own custom designed gear, to support ourselves and, most of all, our beleaguered teams.

So please, feel free to browse the site and stay as long as you want.  We encourage your comments on each and every one of our posts, and will also try to allow you to interact with our user community and the EightyFiveSouth team as much as possible.  If you ever have any suggestions on how we can make the site better and/or topics we should be covering, don’t hesitate to give us a shout over on the Contact Us page. (We may or may not actually listen to what you have to say.)

Now back to the writing and sports watching for us.  Until next time…


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