TheRealPicks: Championship Week

3-2 last week.  Not great, but it gets the job done.  The most unfortunate part about last week was everything that took place in and around Sanford Stadium last week, but thats beside the point.  I’m here to deliver you picks, and to stay above 53%.  We are looking at another tough slate this week as there are less games to pick from and more tough matchups.  The breakdowns and analysis will be short this week, so your just going to have to trust me on some blind faith this week.  The good news for you, is that my blind faith led me to two of the most unlikely upset picks in the NFL last week, with picks on the Falcons and Jags, which neither team had much business covering, much less actually winning both games. If only I had the balls to give you NFL picks as favorites last week… Oh well, maybe that will change this week… ON TO THE PICKS! Read More


SEC Rivalry Week: Part 2

SEC Rivalry Week Part 2

South Carolina (6-5) @ Clemson (8-3) -3 – Clemson, SC 12:00 PM EST ESPN

The Battle for the Palmetto State is one of the oldest rivalries in the entire country. It’s an annual dogfight of mediocrity where there are two things on the line: pride and a December 28th Bowl Game. This is a tough matchup to figure out. On paper Clemson looks like an easy pick. They lead the country in the total defense and have plenty of explosive weapons on offense against a porous Carolina defense. Plus, the Tigers really want to end the five game losing streak they have against the Gamecocks. Read More

TheRealPicks Week 14: Black Friday Edition 

Well then, while I knew last week was going to be brutal, I don’t really think I prepared myself as much as I should have. Or maybe just don’t give out 8 “strong” plays… Regardless, we went 3-5 on the week, and I didn’t even feel like checking my record on the Honorable Mentions after that garbage. Hopefully you all paid attention when I said not to go big on anything though and didn’t end up in too bad of shape when all was said and done. Now, let’s look on to one of the best football weekends of the year with our Week 14 Black Friday Edition Picks. Read More

SEC Rivalry Week: Part 1

SEC Rivalry Week: Part 1

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I want each and every one of you to know that I am thankful for y’all reading this somewhat funny and hopefully literate article each and every week. That is of course unless you’re an Auburn fan. If that’s the case I hope you choke on pumpkin pie because rivalry week. Read More

TheRealPicks Week 13: Burt Reynolds Edition

Welcome back kids!  Wow how about last week huh?!  I told you all I would do better by you moving forward and boy did we kick that off to the right start.  4-1 on favorites which should have been 5-0 barring the unfortunate injury to Duke Johnson and a 7-3 total record for the week.  If you were smart enough to take advantage of that, I congratulate you.  If not, you can’t say you didn’t know any better. Now on to this week’s spread, which unfortunately for you and I both, is quite frankly atrocious.  There are a lot of tough reads and games that don’t look to be very entertaining either. With that being said, I’ll be providing a slightly different line up for you, with the hopes that the strongest plays will carry us all through the week, and the “Honorable Mentions” list is just for confirmation if you already had an eye on one of those games.  As a consolation for this, I will be bringing back some bonus NFL action this week to tide you over until we get back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Read More

SEC Tailgating for Dummies: Week 13 Edition – Chris Marler ft. Shirtless Steve Spurrier

Week 12 proved to be one of my best weekends of the year so far. Not only was my 8 oz Styrofoam cup selection for UGA-Auburn hilarious, but I also went 5-1 straight up and against the spread. That’s what we learned about me. What did we learn from the SEC? Tennessee is hitting stride, Will Muschamp should waterboard his punter and kicker, anybody that’s still questioning Alabama’s defense is a moron, and Todd Gurley is still the most exciting player in the country.

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TheRealPicks – Week 12

As some of you may know, yesterday was the anniversary of the passing of a legend, albeit a controversial one, the late, great O.D.B.  In considering one of my favorite O.D.B. lines/quotes, as presented above, this led me to a conclusion on the direction of my article this week. As with the Wu-Tang, it could also be said that this article, and entire site for that matter, were contrived out of a goal and/or desire to do right by my ATLien brethren.   Read More