tweet machine – @eightyfivesouth
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Founder/Editor-In-Chief – Josh Gentrup
tweet machine – @therealGentrup
email –

Author/Contributor – Chris Marler
tweet machine – @CMarlerComedian

Author/Contributor – Joey Gaspierik
tweet machine – @J_Gaspierik

Author/Contributor – Alex Jones
tweet machine – @Jonesy85south

Author/Contributor – Patrick Fuller
tweet machine – @p_funk33

Author/Contributor – Josh Black
tweet machine – @jblizzal5000

Author/Contributor – Brian Grooms
tweet machine – @thegroomsman

Author/Contributor – Alex Baxter
tweet machine – @baxnet

Want to be a contributor?
Freelance work is always appreciated.  Email us at and include your name, email, twitter handle, a 500 word writing sample, and any other links to websites or blogs that you have created.  For samples we encourage creativity, humor and subject matter relevant to our focus.  We will review each submission and get back to you at our earliest convenience.


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