Bro Bracket 2015: The Sweet 16 of DoucheBro Traits (Part 2)

You know what it is… Part 2 of the Bracket for the douchiest things that bros do.  For a quick recap, in the last piece, we had two final four contenders advance with the “Ig’nant Love of Shitty Rap” and the “Bro Wardrobe”.  Without further adieu, let’s find out who our other two final four contenders will be…

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Bro Bracket 2015: The Sweet 16 of DoucheBro Traits

It’s officially March Madness time again y’all. So, in keeping with the theme of basketball brackets and last year’s “Sweet 16 Irritating Traits of White Girls”, I now present to you: “Bro Bracket 2015”. It’s a bracket full of the 16 douche-iest things about bros. While any night at a Buckhead bar is enough for us to make up a full field of 64 seeds of doucheyness, for brevity’s sake, I thought it best to limit this to the highest 16 seeds. Some examples of those just missing the field were: “using the word “sick” or “epic” to describe anything cool”, “thinking the phrase “that’s what she said” is still funny”, “and giving the middle finger while posing for a picture”. So, without further ado here is Part 1 and your first 8 seeds in the 2015 Bro Bracket. Enjoy! Read More

SEC Championship Preview

SEC Championship Preview

Just like we all thought in August Alabama and Missouri will play for the SEC Championship this Saturday in Atlanta. I’m kidding. Nobody predicted that. Yes, the Tide was a consensus favorite to win the West, but most people thought the East winner would be Florida, South Carolina, or Georgia. In fact most Georgia fans think they should STILL be in the game proving my point that UGA fans are the most delusional fans in the country. They’re like that nice non-threatening kid in high school whose best friends with all the girls but will never seal the deal. UGA is officially in the friend zone as far as championships are concerned. Read More

We need a Hero…(at Topper’s)

Some days you never know what kind of stories you’re going to read about in the sports world.  Is someone going to get traded today? Was there a crazy upset last night? Which college football players got arrested last night?  Many times the most controversial stories don’t really reflect or end well for the athlete involved either.  Today however, was quite a different story. Read More

Why I’m thankful for Air Canada…

By: Patrick Fuller

Growing up, my family spent most of our family vacations in Daytona Beach, Florida. Usually known for the historic Daytona International Speedway, or to most spring breakers, the only beach that you could drive your car on. Over the years, as we would cruise down International Speedway Boulevard, I began to notice an unfortunate looking high school that never really seemed to show any improvement. Like some sort of ghetto establishment straight out of Compton in the early nineties.  A Michelle Pfeiffer, Dangerous Minds kind of place…  I always thought maybe they started rebuilding the school, ran out of money, and then just said f*ck it, we’re good here.  Meanwhile, every time we drove by, I’m just looking out the window, expecting to suddenly see Coolio come out and start rapping “Gangster’s Paradise.” Little did I know…this was a special place. This was Vince Carter’s alma mater. Mainland Regional High School, Daytona, FL. But if you ride past that same school now, you will see a much improved scene. The Mainland High School Arena, now named after him, complete with a life size suitted-up Vince statue out front. His name emblazoned across the top of the gym doors. Nowadays, this high school would certainly be one of the nicest you will ever see (or at least that I have ever seen). Read More

Letting Go Can Hurt…

evan gatti shug

Author: Joey Gaspierik

The Bravos have been less than exciting to watch the past few seasons. It sucks that really the most blood-pumping thing has been a wild card playoff game that resulted in one of the worst calls by an umpire I might ever see. I actually lost my “Chipper Knows” shirt on this call at the TED (go to 1:36 to see how the city of ATL felt about that). The Dodgers pitching made us look silly in 2013 – and so did our coaching in critical moments. Not to mention the heart melting finish that was this past season. Read More

SEC Tailgating for Dummies: Week 11 Game Previews

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Author: Chris Marler – @

Well, we’re finally heading into the final month of the regular season in the SEC. It’s equally as exciting as it is depressing since it means the season is coming to an end. However, the month of November should be the best month yet with each week’s games becoming what is basically a playoff before the actual College Football Playoff. There are still 3 teams alive in the SEC East, and there are 5 teams still alive in the SEC West which is absolutely absurd.

That’s primarily due to what happened last week, so what did we learn after Week 10? Mississippi State is hitting stride about as well as a marathoner with a pulled hammy, Gus Malzahn can’t dance for shit, South Carolina’s defense is going to drive Steve Spurrier to drinking and/ or cutting himself, Mizzou still has a pulse, and UGA’s title hopes were dashed after they pissed down their leg once again in The World’s Biggest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

On the week I was 4-3 straight up, and 3-4 against the spread. On the season my record straight up is still pretty strong at 65-17, but I’m now at exactly .500 against the spread with a record of 36-36-2. I’m average, mediocre, middle of the road, ordinary, and I hate it. This must be what it feels like to be an Ole Miss fan most years. However, unlike an Ole Miss and Georgia I plan on finishing this season strong. So, let’s get after it in this week’s preview! Read More