The Grass isn’t always Greener – A soliloquy of sorrow from a mourning UGA fan…

“The grass is always greener on the other side”, is a state of mind that has made its way into every single member of the Bulldog nation over the course of the past decade. Every year for the Bulldog faithful it’s a constant barrage of “What if’s?” or “Woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’” scenarios that always bring us back to the same conclusion. Something and somebody has got to change. For more almost a decade as a fan base we’ve been looking for answers, and more importantly somebody to point the finger at. In what has grown to be an all-out witch hunt in the Classic City, today for the most part our fan base has finally caught their witch…..and man could they be more wrong. Read More


We need a Hero…(at Topper’s)

Some days you never know what kind of stories you’re going to read about in the sports world.  Is someone going to get traded today? Was there a crazy upset last night? Which college football players got arrested last night?  Many times the most controversial stories don’t really reflect or end well for the athlete involved either.  Today however, was quite a different story. Read More

First Look: UGA 2015 Recruiting Class

The University of Georgia’s football program has always strived to bring in the best possible group of athletes to come and play between the hedges. Despite missing out on some top in-state talent over the past few years, the program has continuously been able to bring in top-notch players such as Leonard Floyd, Malcolm Mitchell, and most recently top targets Lorenzo Carter and Nick Chubb. The program has also recently delivered prominent out of state talent from Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno to the more recent SEC record holding Aaron Murray and All Pro NFL wide receiver A.J. Green. Read More

A Fond Farewell to Todd Gurley

This time of year often brings out the best in most of us who were raised in the South. The start of the Holiday season brings about a sense of gratitude, hope, and of course – thanks. It’s a time spent with family and friends. It’s a time for traditions and reflections, and most importantly it’s a time for appreciation.

Appreciation is something that is often overlooked by us SEC fans throughout the course of the football season. The emptiness and discontent that we endure for nine agonizing months every offseason during the absence of football quickly gives way to an anxious impatience as soon as the season begins. We move from week to week with the same eagerness as a child opening up his Christmas presents in early December after he found their secret hiding spot. It’s a natural symptom for SEC fans wondering if this year will be THE year for whomever they’ve pledged a lifetime of allegiance and loyalty to. Read More

Glory Glory to Ernie Johnson

We all love the crew over at NBA on TNT. To me, there is no better crew of misfits than the Shaqtus, Big Ern, Chuck and the Jet. But last week’s UGA/Auburn game, and the obligatory bet between alumni Ernest and Chuck, UGA and Auburn respectively, has produced quite possibly one of the greatest moments in UGA football history (hyperbole of course).  Leave it to Big Ern to come up with such a fantastic wager as this. You know what…I don’t even need to spoil this anymore.  Just watch and enjoy.


SEC Bias: The case for the “most deserving” CFB Playoff Team

The course of a college football season can be described as a lot of different things, ultimately depending on the person, and in large part, the region of the country that they come from. In the vast majority of the country it’s seen merely as something to watch on a Saturday, and for the most part it pales in comparison to professional sports. For example, in New England, CFB is practically non-existent and ranks behind high school JV hockey. However, all one has to do is cross the Mason Dixon Line to see that in the south, it’s more than just a sport, it’s a religion. Read More