Black and Yellow vs. Red and Black

The picture above was not taken in Pittsburgh. It wasn’t even taken in the state of Pennsylvania. It was taken in CONYERS, GEORGIA.  That makes perfect sense…right?! this is a perfect example of one of the struggles TRUE Falcons fans have dealt with for quite sometime.  But let’s be honest, from time to time, any stadium/venue in our city can be about a 50/50 mix, if not worse, when certain visitin teams come to town.  There are going to be enough Terrible Towels, waving frantically, at the Dome this Sunday to make a real Falcons fan sick. That’s sad, but it’s part of being an Atlanta sports fan. The Falcons have one last shot against an AFC North opponent this Sunday versus the Steelers, one of the perennial contenders, and most respected organizations in the conference. After tough losses in Cincinnati and Baltimore, and coming up short in a brutal time management debacle nail biter here at home against the Browns, the Birds need to prove they can win at least one game against an AFC North opponent, and the Steelers represent the perfect opportunity to do just that! Here’s what Atlanta needs to do to take care of business. Read More


RBs Roast Beef – The Overcooked Situation of Falcons’ Running Backs

DeMarco Murray. Matt Forte. Marshawn Lynch. Le’Veon Bell. What do all of these players have in common? Aside from the fact that they’re dominant, league-leading running backs? They’re the only dominant running backs on their respective teams. The Atlanta Falcons have struggled the past couple of seasons to find their every down back and as such, have been forced to go with a run by committee strategy. Steven Jackson can no longer put the weight of a squad on his back and the other two (healthy) RBs are just too inexperienced to make up for it. With Smith now on the IR, our birds find themselves up shit’s creek and the paddle is quite small. Read More

Falcons on Top – Falcons Prediction for Week 12

The Dirty Birds are 4-6 on the season, 4-0 in the NFC South and 2-0 in their last 2 games on the road. But they are concentrating on one record… 1-0. Say what you want about Mike Smith, and yes there are plenty of positives AND negatives, but I really like his new “1-0” campaign for the rest of the season. After that gut wrenching loss in England, “1-0” is the motto, taking it one week at a time. It seems to be working, but will it carry over to a hot Cleveland Browns team?

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