Will the dirty birds fly to win number 4?

As a true fan of the Atlanta Falcons, I’m used to the roller coaster ride. They build you up slowly and then bring you down 10 times faster. It’s what we have become used to as Atlanta fans… For me however, this is my team, from my city and I’m loyal to both. FILA! 

To be honest though, I had realistic hopes for this season. I carefully went through each game on the schedule and predicted a modest 10-6 season. Where are we now you ask? Now… they will be lucky to finish 6-10. With a few prayers maybe, just maybe, 7-9. What a magnificent debacle this season has turned into.  While we are still not the complete dumpster fire that was last season, we’re not quite out of the wood work just yet, and the team certainly isn’t trending in the right direction.  However, as we learned from the Seahawks a few years back, getting to seven wins could be just good enough to get into the dance.

Alright, let’s look ahead to this week at Carolina. The Falcons are coming off of their first win in an outdoor stadium since November of 2012, at Tampa Bay. Wait, wasn’t last week’s W against Tampa at home again? Accurate.  But now, can they make it two in a row at Bojangles Field? Let’s start by taking a look at the defense. Against the Bucs, I was happy to see some fire out of DE’s Osi Yumenyora and Kroy Biermann, and the secondary, to some degree, has stepped up when they needed to. The interception in the end zone with less than 2 minutes left was especially crucial, after watching Mike Evans kicking ass all over the field the whole afternoon.  

They will need to maintain that same intensity once again against “Superman.” And if the Eagles can sac him 9 times in one game, the Falcons can should be able to at least grab a few. Offensively, I would like to see a better balance of the run and the pass. And can we get the damn ball to Antone Smith?! The guy is almost automatic for a 40+ yard dagger when he touches the ball, and he is certainly a better option than the aging, and past his prime “art-mogul” Steven Jackson.  Even though the offensive line is about as consistent as Taylor Swift’s self confidence, against this Carolina team they should perform better for the run and for our multi-million dollar QB.  The O-line should better provide Matty Ice enough time to throw a few downfield to Julio, as opposed to a litany of inefficient and short out routes and screens.

Finally, the Panthers are on a 4 game losing streak, have the 29th ranked defense in the league, feature an o-line that looks arguably more pitiful than Atlanta’s, a QB who looks as disinterested in playing as a fat kid eating kale, quarterback identity issues and a run game that is almost non existent.  This is a prime opportunity for the Dirty Bird’s to capitalize on a reeling division rival, and to keep themselves in contention for the division title, despite the poor performance of the entire conference.

So crack open an ice cold Matty Ice on Sunday afternoon, and enjoy this NFC South slobber knocker! Okay, maybe not a slobber knocker, but a decent frat-boy bar fight.


rise up

Author: Brian Grooms
Minor Editing Touch-ups: Josh Gentrup


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