Bro Bracket 2015: The Sweet 16 of DoucheBro Traits (Part 2)

You know what it is… Part 2 of the Bracket for the douchiest things that bros do.  For a quick recap, in the last piece, we had two final four contenders advance with the “Ig’nant Love of Shitty Rap” and the “Bro Wardrobe”.  Without further adieu, let’s find out who our other two final four contenders will be…

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Bro Bracket 2015: The Sweet 16 of DoucheBro Traits

It’s officially March Madness time again y’all. So, in keeping with the theme of basketball brackets and last year’s “Sweet 16 Irritating Traits of White Girls”, I now present to you: “Bro Bracket 2015”. It’s a bracket full of the 16 douche-iest things about bros. While any night at a Buckhead bar is enough for us to make up a full field of 64 seeds of doucheyness, for brevity’s sake, I thought it best to limit this to the highest 16 seeds. Some examples of those just missing the field were: “using the word “sick” or “epic” to describe anything cool”, “thinking the phrase “that’s what she said” is still funny”, “and giving the middle finger while posing for a picture”. So, without further ado here is Part 1 and your first 8 seeds in the 2015 Bro Bracket. Enjoy! Read More