We need a Hero…(at Topper’s)

Some days you never know what kind of stories you’re going to read about in the sports world.  Is someone going to get traded today? Was there a crazy upset last night? Which college football players got arrested last night?  Many times the most controversial stories don’t really reflect or end well for the athlete involved either.  Today however, was quite a different story.



Meet Zach DeBell.  A 21-year old, 6’6″, 298lb, talented member of the Georgia Bulldogs offensive line. Now if I told you the Athens-Banner Herald released a story Friday morning, involving a Georgia player, a strip club, public indecency, a bar fight and a subsequent arrest, I doubt you would think things ended very well for our offensive lineman friend in that scenario.  Not so fast there Georgia fans, this time not only did the player avoid arrest, but was actually credited with an assist!

According to the ABH, late Thursday night a patron at the wonderful Toppers International Show Bar in downtown Athens, felt that he needed to get a little more value for his dollar.  While in a private area of the club, he decided that he wanted to “show a little skin” of his own. Obviously this didn’t sit too well with his “entertainer” and after refusing to rectify his wardrobe malfunction, the young lady was forced to seek further assistance from a member of the security staff.  This is where the trouble begins.  Upon politely being asked to leave, the well-lubricated patron decided that he wanted to introduce his bouncer to his fists and elbows, drawing the ire of many other bouncers and club patrons.

Athens Online

Athens Online

As the scuffle escalated, this no doubt had to interrupt things going on elsewhere in this fine establishment. Enter Zach to save the day.  While the patron apparently provided quite the contest to his sparring partner bouncer, Zach only wanted to get back to…whatever it was that he was doing in Toppers in the wee hours of Thursday night/Friday morning.  So he decided to take things into his own hands.  Now I’m not going to go into full detail from the article, because I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you, however I can tell you that my favorite quotes from the story states that DeBell “carried Kirkland out of the bar by his belt and collar and had placed him on the sidewalk outside the front doorway”.

“Placed”. Yea, I’m sure it was real gentle.  All I know is next time Mr. DeBell wants to partake in any of the “scenery” at Toppers, they had better have some Bonnie Tyler on deck for his walk-up music, and give that man a bar tab, pronto!


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