Should the Hawks ask Santa for help this year?

The Atlanta Hawks are a team of players your average fan may not know, but should definitely learn about. The point guard position in the NBA is deepest position in the NBA. Just this past offseason, Coach K couldn’t decide between Steph Curry, Derrick Rose, Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving, and John Wall. First thing first, I would love any of these guys to be my point guard of the Hawks. So the elite guards are stacked, but the list stays tight all the way to the bottom. Read More


Georgia State Basketball – Atlanta’s Real Big Three

College basketball in the state of Georgia has had many wild turns in the past 10-15 years, but has never been consistent. Why do UGA fans only care about football and not basketball? Why does Tech have such high draft picks, but can’t compete in the ACC? Why don’t star players want to stay in the state to play for hometown teams? These are questions I ask myself every November when basketball season begins. Read More

Why I’m thankful for Air Canada…

By: Patrick Fuller

Growing up, my family spent most of our family vacations in Daytona Beach, Florida. Usually known for the historic Daytona International Speedway, or to most spring breakers, the only beach that you could drive your car on. Over the years, as we would cruise down International Speedway Boulevard, I began to notice an unfortunate looking high school that never really seemed to show any improvement. Like some sort of ghetto establishment straight out of Compton in the early nineties.  A Michelle Pfeiffer, Dangerous Minds kind of place…  I always thought maybe they started rebuilding the school, ran out of money, and then just said f*ck it, we’re good here.  Meanwhile, every time we drove by, I’m just looking out the window, expecting to suddenly see Coolio come out and start rapping “Gangster’s Paradise.” Little did I know…this was a special place. This was Vince Carter’s alma mater. Mainland Regional High School, Daytona, FL. But if you ride past that same school now, you will see a much improved scene. The Mainland High School Arena, now named after him, complete with a life size suitted-up Vince statue out front. His name emblazoned across the top of the gym doors. Nowadays, this high school would certainly be one of the nicest you will ever see (or at least that I have ever seen). Read More