Report: Braves offer four year deal to FA Nick Markakis…

Here comes your outfield help Braves fans…

While it’s definitely still possible for one (or more) of our existing outfielders to be moved later this offseason, this is certainly a move that will help offer some defensive stability and offensive reliability in the outfield.

The current source and details of the offer are unconfirmed.  However word was spread to editors that the former Baltimore OF has been offered a four year deal with the team. Regardless, given the recent speculation of the Braves interest, and reports of the follow-up due diligence and dinner meetings with Braves brass, this is not much of a surprise.

Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Orioles

We will wait to provide more analysis and further details of the offer as they become available, and as the information is confirmed.

UPDATE: As of 6:12PM, Jeff Passan and Yahoo Sports confirms signing. $44M

UPDATE: As of 5:05PM, our source confirms, the deal is for 4 years, $42M.

UPDATE: as of 4:50PM, Buster Olney reports:

UPDATE: As of 2:15 PM, source updates that Markakis has not signed, but has been offered.


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